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Pre-Travel Safety Checklist

Pre-Travel Safety Checklist

Whether you’re new to caravanning or have been doing it for years, always remain mindful of the pre-travel checks necessary to help ensure you enjoy a safe journey.

Although, making sure all the accessories that you need are in place, it is even more vital that you take some prepare your travel with safety as your priority.

The following is a quick list of things you should never forget to do before leaving home or travelling to your next destination:

Inside your caravan, make certain that:

  • All cupboards are securely closed
  • The refrigerator door is locked
  • There are no loose items that can break, roll about or cause damage
  • Ensure your caravan is correctly coupled to your tow vehicle. Then check your safety chain/s. Two chains are normally fitted. Crisscross the chains and use ‘D’ shackles to connect them to the secure points on the towbar.
  • Ensure that the electrical plug between your caravan and tow vehicle is connected.
  • Check your brake lights, tail lights, turn indicators, clearance lights and electric brakes (if fitted) are all working properly.

Before moving off, finally make sure that:

  • The gas is turned off
  • The caravan door is locked
  • The jockey wheel is removed
  • The levelling jacks are fully wound up
  • The steps are raised
  • The caravan handbrake is released.

Here is also a pre travel checklist video that explains how you can protect your caravan from any damage.