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Guide to Reversing a Caravan

Step By Step Guide That Will Help Reverse A Caravan

When you are buying a brand new luxury caravan for that matter from a caravan manufacturer or a dealer , you are spending quite a bit of money , it is so important that you know about reversing a caravan before you head on out.

This simple and practical guide will help you reverse your caravan in no time.

Step 1: Find a spotter

You need someone who will watch your back, literally! A spotter who engages in a two way communication by either using a mobile phone or by calling out loud will help alert you when reversing.

Step 2: Remember it’s the reverse

This is probably one of the hardest to remember, reversing a caravan is opposite to reversing a car. When you turn the wheel left, the van will move right and vice versa. This gets tricky when you are towing, especially along a straight line. If you look back and forth between the 2 side mirrors it could add to the confusion. The best tip is to look only one way and to trust the mirror that you are looking at and your spotter for guidance.

Step 3: Use your mirrors to guide you while reversing along a straight line

You need to use your mirrors and cannot look over your shoulder, don’t ever turn your head. What you need to look for while reversing along a straight line is to see how much of the van you can view in both the side mirrors. If you can see more of the van in one side than the other side, like if you can see the back of the van in one mirror but you can’t in the other mirror, then you need to turn the steering wheel towards the first mirror and then it will straighten up. If you turn a little too much, then again one mirror would show a little more of the van. When you can see in the second mirror as much of the van as you do in the first one, then it is straight.

Step 4: Backing up into the driveway

It is important to position your rig if you're going to be turning into a driveway. What is the right spot? Well, usually you have to position your rig in the middle of the road, which gives you some turning room to keep the back out and then as the front of your vehicle swings around, you need space to steer a little forward , straightening the wheels out, before reversing into the driveway. So about the middle of the road is a good spot, not over to one side or the other.

Step 5: Set your mirrors

Your mirrors are dynamic, they were set to look backwards,however, what you should do is set them to look at the caravan tires, the car mirrors that is, and then the extended mirrors should be set to look down the side of the van. Why do we do this? Well it's always good to see where the tyres are about to go , whether up a curb or a gutter. They are also good to find the apex of the turn which you're turning into. The mirrors should be controlled periodically and moved using the controls/ buttons to get a better view of where you are turning into and the position of the wheels and the caravan. While you are reversing in, move the mirrors as you reverse - you will be able to see what you're doing and you would line up much better.

Here is a practical example of how to reverse a caravan