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Guide to levelling a caravan on a steep site and setting up the fridge

Guide To Levelling A Caravan On A Steep Site And Setting Up The Fridge

When you have spent thousands of dollars on buying a luxury caravan, you need to pay great attention to levelling a caravan.

There are many ways to level a caravan, but here we describe an easy method which uses a few pieces of wood. The caravan is ideally levelled the day before setting out on a holiday in the drive so that there is plenty of time to set up the fridge.

Travelling in a caravan is exciting and following these simple guidelines to set up the fridge will make it more so, after all, you do want your food stored well.

Step 1: Place wood below the wheels

For the first step involves place a few short planks of wood on the ground and then run the lowest wheel over it.

Step 2: Use a Jockey wheel to level

Use a jockey wheel to level the van then screw down, after the lowest wheel is above the wooden planks. This is a cost effective way to level a caravan and should be done in areas which are moderately level.

Step 3: Running the leveller

An advantage of using this method to level a caravan is that the Alco lock is not a problem to fit as you can run the van along until the lock lines up. The leveller system can be maneuvered for higher lifts.

This leveller system is great for when the ground is firm. When the ground is soft, this could make it sink, so it is not ideal for soft grounds.

Step 4: Lower the Jocky wheel

The jocky wheel should be lowered to level the van front to back. A motor mover may be used to move the caravan in the drive and to make space for other cars to park.

Care should be taken that the caravans handbrake is on and the wheel is locked.

Step 5: Check the level of the caravan

It is important to check if the caravan is levelled and this can be done by downloading an app on android phones and then placing the phone on a step on the caravan. The app will be able to detect if the caravan is level.

Step 6: Cooling the fridge

As the caravan is parked in the driveway, a 240 volt cable should be attached to let the fridge cool. It takes about 12 hours to cool the fridge and only after that should food be placed in it.

The power switch near the caravan door needs to be switched on and the knob on the fridge that says 240v should also be turned on.

Step 7: Setting the temperature of the fridge

There is another dial on the fridge, which is the thermostat. This thermostat should be turned at least three quarters for a 12 hour period for the fridge to cool.

Make sure the freezer door is shut and the fridge door as well, otherwise the fridge will not cool well.

Step 8: Filling the fridge

When you bring food items to be stocked in this caravan fridge, ensure that they have already been cooled in the fridge at home. Also, bring a few items all at once, so you don’t have to open the fridge door too many times. This will help in maintaining the temperature in the fridge.

If you wish to carry frozen foods, then ensure that they are already frozen, as the freezer in the caravan’s fridge is not meant to freeze foods.

Step 9: Making ice cubes

If you wish to make ice cubes, pour water into the mould and place it in the freezer the previous night. This way, the water gets all night to freeze.

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