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Guide to improve your caravan water system

Guide To Improve Your Caravan Water System

It is very important to have an effective water system especially if you have bought an off road caravan.

The water containers that most caravan owners own is cumbersome to use, as every time it is emptied, the handles keep coming apart and they have to be fixed before water can be fetched. There are many caravan sites where there is water available at every pitch, therefore, the amount of work involved in fixing such water containers is unnecessary.

There is a better device, invented by Mr. Thomas Crapper around 200 years ago, that can be used - the Brust float . This is the simple device that is still being used in toilet flushes.

Brust float

This is a reliable method and cost effective, so you don’t have spend too much on this system. There are plastic versions of this system, but they are not as effective and cannot be used for long.

Step 1: Building a Brust float

Find a suitable small plastic bottle. The plastic bottle could be any bottle of lotion or cream, which you have finished using and is free to be reused. We use a plastic bottle so that it can float in water.

Step 2: Get a valve

You can buy a brass float valve at any hardware store and it doesn’t cost much

Step 3: Seal the bottle and valve together

Remove the cap of the bottle and then seal it to the valve using a quick dry sealant or epoxy putty. Let it dry for a period of time and check to see if there are any holes or gaps. You can test this by immersing it in water and checking for bubbles. Find a cap and fix it to the valve, this can be salvaged from another bottle.

Seal the bottle and valve together

Step 4: Using the float

The float works on the mechanism that when the water level rises, the bottle begins to move up with the rising water and when it reaches the level of the valve, it closes. When the level of water goes down, the valve opens and lets the water in.

The advantage of using this float is that the there is no need to handle the pump as repeated use could result in unnecessary contamination, after all this is the water you drink.

There is a receptacle on the pump, which means that you don't have to detach it, giving you a sensible addition to your water tank.

These steps will help maintain your water system and this is as vital as keeping your caravan clean.