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Guide to cleaning the roof lighting of your caravan

Guide To Cleaning The Roof Lighting Of Your Caravan

Caravan roof lightings are important as they brighten up your caravan and they come in various shapes and sizes. For luxury off road caravans, lighting is even more important so that your caravan will look like it has plenty of space and will become a great place to enjoy with your family.

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Roof Lightings

Step 1: Accessing the roof lighting

As the name goes, it is a roof lighting, which means you need to stand on a ladder or a really tall stool to be able to access it for cleaning.

At first glance, the roof lighting may seem to be very simple to clean. After all, it’s about standing on a stool to clean from below and then standing on a ladder outside to clean the other side of the lighting, right? Well, no. The roof lighting comes with two panels that have a small space in between. This is where all the dirt accumulates.

Step 2: Removing the fixture

The next step would be to remove the heki roof lighting. There are special screws that hold the lighting up .Once all the screws are removed, the light can be brought down for cleaning. There are other screws that hold the two parts of the light together and they need a special screw driver. If you don’t have it, then you will have to clean the light without taking it apart.

Removing the fixture

Step 3: Cleaning the light

Remember that the light may seem smaller and less complicated when it is fixed to the roof of the caravan! When you bring it down, you would realise that it is a bit tricky to clean it.

If your sink is not big enough for you to use it to clean the light, then you will have to take it into your bath. A good caravan cleaner can be used to clean the light, the same one that you would use for poly acrylic windows.

Cleaning the light

Since it is difficult to get between the two panels to clean the light, it is best to use a hose pipe. The stream of water from the hose may help dislodge any dirt.

Step 4: Wiping the light dry

You need to use a strip of cloth to wipe the light. However, there are certain sections that are inaccessible, which needs a little bit of effort. Tie two strings to two ends of a piece of cloth and then move the strings back and forth to wipe in between the lighting.

Step 5: Fix the light back:

Once the light is completely dry, it is time to fix it back. Stand on a stool and let an assistant hand the light to you. Then fix the light to the handle on the roof using screws.

Now your caravan roof lighting is all ready to impress with its squeaky clean exterior.

Speak to your caravan dealer for expert advice on roof lighting and other cleaning tips as well.