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We're dedicated to delivering the best caravans, with a focus on building caravans that are most reliable and perform under the most gruel off road conditions. Our caravans are built to last and very dependable to take you through your adventure.

Founded in the year 2016, by owner and Director Remon Raffaello , Masterpiece Caravans has created a unique niche for itself. Starting out initially from a small shed in Campbellfield, Remon has used his 15 years of experience in the caravan industry to design and deliver caravans that catered to the needs of Australians who are looking for caravans that are designed and built for exploring Australia for both off road and semi conditions.

Remon’s passion for caravans and his desire to create memorable caravanning experience created the impetus to turn inspiration and hard work into a booming caravan manufacturing unit that many Australians value. They have moved from their humble beginnings into a 4500 square feet manufacturing unit in Campbellfield, Melbourne indicative of their growth and the trust they have garnered over the years. They now deliver caravans to customers all over Australia and are thrilled to be one of the most popular brand of caravans in the industry.

State of the Art Factory: This unit produces a diverse range of off road as well as semi- off road caravans that are unbeatable in performance and in quality.

Most Important Tip before you Choose your caravan manufacturer

Caravanning is a wonderful way to enjoy an adventure with family, but it’s fun only if the caravan that you are travelling in gives you everything that you need.

Reputution Of The Manufacturer:

The manufacturer should be well known, read about their genuine reviews and feedback from their customers.

The reason we say this is because we have the most raving reviews from customers who have travelled through the harshest off road conditions and to the tip of our country.

Speak to us and we are happy to share pictures, their experience of travelling for months on their caravan and also their overall experience of dealing with us.

Caravan Manufacturer Australia

Customer Care and quality standards:

We offer full support to our customers at every stage of their buying process and we use the best of practices to deliver high quality caravans. Here is some key points that will help you decide

  • Our After sales care is second to non.
  • 5 year structural guarantee
  • 2 year overall warranty
  • Quality control measures
  • Follow strict quality control measures
  • We have rigorous monitoring, checking every part from the chassis to the final bolt that goes into the caravan.
  • Furnishings and fixtures are built by skilled craftsmen to ensure the best of craftsmanship
  • The fittings and cabinet are glued completely to ensure that they last long and most importantly built with luxury and sophistication of the highest order. The insides of the cabinet have a unique finish, and have long lasting comfort and storage.


  • Sophisticated design to give the caravan a luxurious feel
  • Our R & D Team is often challenging themselves all the time to come up with the best innovation and technology and importantly keeping our standards as one of the top caravan manufacturer in Australia.
  • The off road series of caravans have been designed to captivate the great Australian adventurer, whether its a short trip or a trip that requires serious off road capabilities.
  • We always stay updated with the latest developments in the industry and are pioneers in using some of the best equipment and designs.
  • Safety is a prime concern and focus for us, which is why, whether it is a harsh terrain or a smooth one, our caravans are manufactured to be sturdy. Our premium luxury off road caravans meet all safety standards of Australia .

Visit our factory:

We would love to have you come over to look at our factory and see our off road caravans. Just book online or give us a call to book your visit. Alternatively, you can also visit of our dealers closest to your location.