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12 Tips Beginners Need To Know Before Buying A Caravan

12 Tips Beginners Need To Know Before Buying A Caravan

Caravanning is a wonderful experience and can be used to explore the natural beauty of Australia, however you need to get a good caravan to enjoy your adventure better. here are a few tips to keep in mind before you buy a caravan.

Tip 1: Decide on your needs:

Define how many people will be using the caravan, so if it’s just a couple then they could buy a caravan with two berths. However, if it is a family of four, then you would need a minimum of 4 berths. Your needs should be clearly defined so that you can go looking for it and be specific about it to the dealer.

Tip 2: Look around for the best dealer

Everyone has their own needs and requirements, so it would be a good idea to look at a few dealers and identify the most suitable. After looking around at a few dealers, you will get a fairly good idea about what you want.

Research on a caravan dealer that has plenty of reviews and importantly on what people think of the caravan manufacturer the dealers work with.

Tip 3: Check your licence

If you are young, then it is a little complex. If you cleared your driving test post January 1st 1997, there are certain restrictions on what you can tow and the weight of the caravan. So if you are young , then your dealer could help you out by answering queries. The weight restriction is around three and a quarter tonnes. There are plenty of useful information available online which you can access to find out more about this.

Tip 4: Type of car

Your car’s documentation should also be checked to see how heavy a caravan it can tow. Caravan manufacturers are now making lighter vans. Ensure that you buy a caravan after you have checked the weight restriction, because , if you buy one that is too heavy, then that is a wasted spend. It goes without saying that a mini cooper cannot tow a 4 to 6 berths caravan, you will need a 4x4.

There have been instances where people buy a caravan ,not realising that the car that they currently own will not be able to tow it. They then have had to upgrade their car too, which would mean an additional spend.

Tip 5: Select cautiously but do not downsize

Some people tend to be very cautious when buying a caravan and feel that they ought to start with a more basic 2 berths model, before they get themselves a larger one. However, if there is a need for more berths, but you go in for a smaller one, then it could lead to discomfort and affect the quality of holidays.

This is because, when you are first setting out to buy a caravan, the size of the caravan can be daunting and so, people tend to settle for less, hoping that it would be more ‘manageable’. However, there isn’t a big difference in size between 2 berths and 4 berths models.

Tip 6: Upgrade your licence

There may be a need to upgrade your licence, which is not such a bad task as you will be made to go through the motions of learning how to drive with a caravan in tow. There is the extra width that you will have to get used to while driving.

Tip 7: Fix a budget

Caravanning is a great experience but the experience may not be the same for everyone. While some may want to go caravanning during most holidays, others may use it only once a year. So the spend should balance the excitement and the use. For example, buying a very pricey caravan and then using it once a year may not be worth it, especially if you decide to fly out and have a ‘normal’ holiday during the rest of the year. Be careful about how much you spend, as it may be easy to get carried away. However, if you have enough budget allocated to buy a luxury caravan, nothing beat's it.

Tip 8: Buying a second hand caravan

There are two channels to buying a used caravan, one through the dealer and the other through the driver. Buying a second hand caravan from a dealer may be better as they would have had the caravan thoroughly checked and would offer a good guarantee for the parts, which won’t be available when buying from a driver.

Buying from a dealer is also good if you are new to caravanning as the dealer can help you understand the processes better. Dealers often spend about an hour helping the buyer understand the caravan.

On the other hand, buying from a private individual may mean that you sometimes spend less to buy a caravan.

Tip 9: Take an expert along

Well, even if not an expert, taking someone who knows a thing or two about caravan gives you an extra pair of eyes to watch out for any faults.

Tip 10: Take a damp meter

Take a damp meter to check for any damp spots on the caravan. This is especially true when you are out scouting for older models of caravans.

Tip 11: Find out where you will store your caravan

This is another important aspect you need to consider while buying a caravan. Do you have space to store the caravan in your house? If you don’t, where do you intend to store them? Some places are very expensive while others are reasonable. It depends on where you live and where you want them stored. It could range from 250$ to even 750$.

Tip 12: Get a good insurance

A caravan is not just a mode of transport but it is your lodging too during holidays. You will be spending most of your time in it. It is, therefore, good to take out a good insurance so that you are covered for unexpected damages.

When you know what to do , then the entire process is a lot less complicated. All that is left is to get your own caravan and to set off on an exciting holiday.