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12 Step Guide To Be A Caravanner

12 Step Guide To Be A Caravanner

Here is a step by step guide to being a great caravanner

Step 1: Choose the type of caravanner you want to be:

There are many different types of caravanner that you can be.

Grey Nomad: If you are a frequent traveller, travelling so often that you don’t know where your home stop is!

Not so grey Nomad: If you are the traveller who has not brought kids along and don’t intend to be with any more during the trip! All you want is a chance to explore the country without being held back.

Adventure seeking family: If you are the traveller with kids and you want to explore all adventure trails and parks that are near the site. The eager sort looking to entertain the family with river tubing or crocodile tours.

Same place-same year-same time: If you are the traveller who comes to the same place every year around the same time, say christmas! You are familiar with everyone at the campsite and you know which spot you want to park in.

Rugged off-roader: If you are a traveller that loves going off road to explore the great Australian outbacks, spending weeks outdoors and are self sufficient. Your stop at the park is merely to charge your batteries and to fill your water tanks.

‘work in progress’ Renovator: If you are the traveller who is in the midst of renovating your caravan but still comes to the campsite to book a slot for when you think you may finish!

Sincere free camper: If you are the traveller who looks for the spots that are not charged, sincerely!

Step 2: Get good at memorizing caravan park boom gate codes with one quick glance:

There are boom gates that you need to pass, with codes that you need to punch in to open. Make sure that you get good at remembering those codes, otherwise it could get crazy trying to open them!

Step 3: Get good at reversing a caravan without having to go to therapy!

There is a lot of difference between reversing a car and a caravan, so you may need help from family to be your guide. Well, it should be smooth, if your skills are up to it.

Step 4: learn all the acronyms

Things like GCM (Gross combination mass), GTM (Gross trailer mass) ATM (aggregate trailer mass) and more should be on your finger tips

Step 5: Learn the spirit of happy hour!

Happy hour is all about meeting fellow caravanners and getting to know them, not just about showing off your culinary skills!

Step 6: Be obsessive about finding how much everything weighs

Check how much each item you put into the caravan weighs, after all you need to keep an eye on the payload.

Step 7: Be proud of how soon you set up camp:

Be quick at setting up camp, so when you hang out with your friends, you will have something to boast about. This could be your chance for limelight.

Step 8: Choose well

Choosing the right caravan is important and so be good at selecting the right one.

Step 9: Get popular on social media:

This is one of the highlights of being a caravanner. What is the point if your friends and family don’t know what fun you are having.

Step 10: Stay warm during the cold days:

When you are out having fun, catching a cold could be huge dampener. So stay warm, wear socks, thongs and sandals.

Step 11: Hold onto your map:

There are so many things to see and so many places to go to. If you don’t want to lose your way, then keeping your map with you is ideal

Step 12: Remember to have fun!

There are a lot of people out there who are jealous of what you are doing now. So sit back and enjoy!